Attestation in Bahrain

Certificate Attestation is a documentation procedure and hence it demands time so it is always better to rely on professional certificate attestation service providers in Bahrain. Guideline offers global support for your individual as well as business certificate attestation needs. 

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Certificate Attestation in Bahrain is a complex procedure done to prove the legitimacy of your educational and no-educational document when you decide to move to Bahrain.  It is a mandatory procedure done when you migrate to UAE. A normal certificate attestation procedure takes 10 to 15 working days time but it varies depending upon the nature of the certificates.  With Guideline being on your side, a 24*7 customer care service is assured without your physical presence. 


Some of the major benefits of certificate attestation are as follows

  • Helps in verifying the background of the applicant and their credentials
  • Creates an ideal standard for applicants while seeking a job in reputed firms.
  • It helps to identify the credentials of the candidate and helps the firm to select the correct candidate for the appropriate position
  • It enhances the credibility of the firm, thereby improving its productivity


Education documents mainly include certificates like diploma certificate, degree certificate, school leaving certificate, and all certificates issued by the school, college , private, educational  institute or university  etc . Attestation is necessary factor if planning to move abroad.

Procedures of Attestation

  • Notary Certificate Attestation: This attestation is of two types, they are district notary attestation and state attestation. After only getting attestation from notary can submit certificate before the concerned home department for attestation.
  • Home Department Attestation: This is an essential part of attestation. In Kerala, it is known as Norka Attestation. It should be done for getting Indian Embassy attestation. After completion of procedures, the certificate will be forwarded to ministry of external Affairs.
  • Ministry of External Affairs: Prior to the submission of the concerned Embassy Ministry of External Affairs should attest all the certificates issued in any state in India.
  • Bahrain Embassy: Certificates can be submitted to the Embassy attestation after getting successful attestation from MEA. For official purposes in Bahrain this attestation is done .If the certificates are already attested by MEA, the embassy will attest all educational, non-educational, and commercial document.
  • Ministry of Foreign Affairs: This is the final step of attestation, which is done after all other attestation procedures.


Attestation procedure is as same as mentioned above. Get Handy with New India for attestation service. It possesses as one of the best attestation over India which can blindly rely on. Birth, death, marriage etc are come under this category.

Now, that you have known the process you may think that there are too many processes that may delay all your work. Relax. There are service providers in the market who will provide you with the best kind of assistance.


This will be in letterform, which is written by the employer on behalf of an employee to confirm the time the employee was associated with the company.

Procedure of Attestation

  • Attestation from Chamber of Commerce
  • Ministry of Foreign Affair Attestation
  • Attestation from the concerned embassy


Salary certificate is provided to the concerned organization to verify the employment of a person in the organization with full details of salary, position, duties and employment period.

Procedures of Attestation

  • Attestation from Chamber Of Commerce
  • Attestation from Ministry of Foreign Affairs
  • Indian Embassy Attestation.


Transfer certificate is the certificate issued by university or concerned authority after finishing studies or else wants to change from one organization to another. It is known as the Migration certificate.

Procedures of Attestation

  • Attestation starts from the Ministry of Education
  • Ministry of Foreign Affairs is the second type of attestation
  • Lastly, you have to go through the attestation from the concerned Embassy.