PRO Services In Bahrain

PRO Services in Bahrain means all the activities that are associated with governmental documents and applications like Visa application, Company license renewal, Attestation services, Labor and immigration process, legal translations, etc. For PRO services in Bahrain, you need a professional PRO agency and Guideline Group is one such company that offers various legal services. Time is equal to money, by consulting us you will be able to save your valuable time and effort. Through our PRO services, we promise you that you will get to experience a transparent and a hassle-free documentation process. 

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PRO services in Bahrain for expatriates:

  • Translation and attestation of documents.
  • Health Certificate from the Medical Commission
  • Fingerprinting
  • Visa services for family and friends
  • Housemaid Visa and its timely renewal
  • Work or Visit Visa and its renewal
  • Residential Permit and its renewal in time.

PRO services in Bahrain for corporate clients:

  • Attestation of company documents and translation 
  • Company formation, registration of Brand, Trademark, Product, Patent and Copyright
  • Renewal of Commercial or Municipal Documents
  • Chamber of Commerce Subscription and its renewal
  • Alterations in company documents along with their attestation
  • Changes in your Memorandum of Association or Partnership Deed 
  • Labour Contracts for hiring human resource and its renewal
  • Work Permit and Visa for company sponsored employees