Bahrain Shareholding Company

A legal entity separate that provides the shareholders with full liability protection also limits their liability to the amount of company capital invested. In the Kingdom of Bahrain there are two types of Shareholding Companies – closed and public.

Public Shareholding Company includes more than 7 promoters who subscribe therein by way of negotiable shares.  Only Bahrain citizens, GCC and non-GCC citizens can subscribe to those shares.

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A closed shareholding company also known as a closed joint stock company consists of minimum 2 shareholders who subscribe to it by way of negotiable shares that are not offered to the public for subscription. It can only be subscribed by Bahrainis, GCC and non-GCC.

Requirements of Bahrain Shareholding Company Public Entity

  • Limited Liability Company structure
  • A certain amount of share capital is required
  • Annual submission of the audited financial statements to MOICT is compulsory
  • A minimum number of seven founding shareholders is necessary
  • Minimum number of three directors are required
  • Company registration application form
  • National ID card of company representatives and copy of other members. If members are not present then an ID copy of their lawyers has to be submitted.
  • Memorandum and Article of Association
  • Resolution of Board of Directors resolves to launch a company in Bahrain (for corporate associates)