Classification Certificate in Bahrain

Company Classification is a process that is issued by the Kingdom of Bahrain to carry out all the business transactions in a standardized form. Classification certificates in Bahrain are obtained by evaluating and classifying them based on their size and specialties. SME registration in Bahrain allows the enterprises to benefit from initiatives and support programs dedicated for SMEs. Guideline Group helps entrepreneurs to come to the front line without any struggle. Our experienced staff provides all the required support for the documentation as well as legal process to ensure better functioning of the business.

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How to obtain a classification certificate?

  • The SME Registration is a setup established to promote small and medium startups in the Kingdom of Bahrain .
  • The system also allows the classification of Small ,Medium and Micro enterprises depending upon it’s size and capacity.
  • The application has to be submitted via website of Ministry of Industry Commerce and Tourism (MOCIT).
  • Once the application is approved , a classification certificate is issued by MOCIT.

Why we Differ?

We help the modern businessmen and entrepreneurs by helping them execute their documents and other legal procedures. It has a team of experienced employees that can promote better functions and enable that person to work on its documents in a short time. The employees processed complex documents such as classification certificates in a short period of time, thus satisfying the needs and requirements of customers.